EKHO Entertainment is a community-based nonprofit performing arts organization comprised of volunteering local performing artists who have a passion to use their artistic vision and talent to impact and transform lives for the better. EKHO Entertainment accomplishes its mission by creating original theatrical productions that inspire cast, crew, and audiences to be the change they want echoed in their community. This echoed message brings awareness and funds to an annually chosen charity.


EKHO Entertainment's Founder, Producer, and Artistic Director Trina Sindelar, at the young age of 15, launched the community-based nonprofit theater group Back Yard Kids Helping Kids Show in the summer of 2000. The 150-member strong cast and crew raised over $50,000 for local and national charities over the group's twelve-year span. Students learned how to endorse sponsors, dance, sing, act, build sets and sew costumes. The cast even appeared twice with their 18-wheeler Christmas parade float in St. Louis’s AmerenUE Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Unite performing artists to create original theatrical productions that impact, inspire and transform lives for the better.


To provide a unique and established platform for performing artists to unite their talents in a combined effort to raise awareness and finances for the chosen benefiting charity.


Strong ethical leadership, diversified cast and crew, clear artistic vision, and integrity led script writing.


  • Provide an established and credible platform for performing artists to use their skills, experiences, resources and talents to be a voice for the voiceless.
  • Develop originally written scripts and music that advance advocacy for the welfare of children and human rights.
  • Establish humanitarian leadership opportunities that empower volunteers to take sustainable action, because awareness alone is not enough.
  • Create theatrical experiences that cultivate an appreciation and respect of cultural and socioeconomic diversity.
  • Facilitate classes and rehearsals to develop soft-skills, such as dedication, perseverance, commitment, and teamwork, which are required to be successful both personally and professionally.
  • Build self-confidence and empathy through self-expression and awareness inherent within the theatrical process.
  • Improve overall health and happiness of participating volunteers by cultivating a sense of belonging.